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Thank you for looking at my web-site,  Lisa Mulkerrin - Registered Electrologist in Boston for 20 years.
This business was started by me, founded in Newton, Mass. since then has moved and is privately located in Roslindale.  I am offering advanced methods to remove hair permanently and safely.  So Discover A Hair Free Life Through Electrolysis 
Frequently asked Q's - you may be thinking!
How long has Electrolysis been used?   Discovered in 1875, Since then millions of people have benefited.
What causes hair growth?  Changes in life - puberty, pregnancy & menopause.  Also, some conditions, medicines, stress and irritation.
How often are treatments needed?  Due to the fact that hair grows in stages, all hairs are not out at the same time.  Scheduled treatments once every two weeks, the total number of sessions vary from each individual.  Most people require 8 to 15 treatments. 
Is the removal permanent?  Yes - Once the root has been destroyed it cannot grow back
What do I do with the hair I see now?  cutting the hairs with small scissors is recommended.
After the hairs are removed through Electrolysis, the skin is smooth and hair free.  Think of the hours spent in a lifetime laboring over unwanted hair.  The economy of Electrolysis in time, money and freedom makes permanent hair removal genuinely a good investment.  Call for a consultation.
Everything used in this office is disposable, every client, every treatment.  An Autoclave is used for sterilizing forceps used during the treatment.  It is 100% safe
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